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Top 8 affordable alcohol drink pairings under $50 for your CNY foods

Chinese New Year is a time of multiple house visits but also a time of indulgence as we stuff our faces with delicious traditional dishes and addictive CNY snacks. While this comes along with our typical celebratory beers that we drink during this festive period, there are a variety of other alcohols that you can add to your list to enjoy together with your CNY dishes and celebrate in wholesomeness. Here are our Top 8 affordable pairings we highly recommend to satisfy and excite your taste buds for the new year:


 1. Pineapple Tarts and Champagne

Photo by: BellyGoodTarts


Firstly, we begin with the very famous “ong-lai” tarts that we very easily pop into our mouths every lunar new year. With its buttery, crumbly and sweet pineapple flavours, a champagne would help cut through its sweetness.


We Recommend: Anna de Codorníu Blanc de Blancs (750ml)


CNY Sale price: $34/bottle, 20%/ 3 bottles


2. Bak Kwa and Shiraz

Photo by: Peng guan


Bak Kwa is a must-have CNY snack that combines both sweet and smoky flavours which would go perfect with a glass of shiraz that is rich and elegantly fruity.


We recommend: Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz (750ml)


U.P: $63

CNY sale price: $32


3. Hae Bee Hiam and Chardonnay

Photo by: Tummyroll


Hae Bee Hiam’s spicy, salty and crunchy texture will balance out with a fruity, sweeter and aromatic chardonnay that will complement the heat from the prawn paste.


We recommend: Beaulieu Vineyard Chardonnay (750ml)


U.P: $34

CNY sale price: $23


4. Yusheng and Sauvignon Blanc

Photo by: Deliveroo


If you like tossing food with your chopsticks but also enjoy a good glass of wine, a perfect ‘lohei’ would require a light, refreshing and semi-sweet Sauv Blanc to end off the sweet and sour flavours from your annual Yu Sheng.


We recommend: Morgan’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)


U.P: $23

CNY sale price: $15


5. Love Letters and Chardonnay

Photo by: Miss Tam Chiak


Love your love letters more with a glass of chardonnay with hints of fruity and zesty aromas that balances well with its flaky and buttery combination of the egg rolls.


We recommend: Wolf Blass Altitude Chardonnay (750ml)


U.P: $40

CNY Sale Price: $25


6. Pen Cai and Gin & Tonic

Photo by: Occasion Cheers


With rich flavours from a whole pot of pure pen cai goodness, gin and tonic with a lime garnish can play with your palates and create different experiences on your tongue with every bite.


We recommend: Gordon Gin and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water


Gordon Gin (750ml)

U.P: $61

CNY sale price: $38


Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (200ml) (24 btls)


U.P: $57.60

CNY sale price: $40


7. Roasted Meats and Whisky

Photo by: Pinterest


Siew yok, siew ya, siew ji, siew everything! A glass of good whisky would help ‘siew’ your taste buds and give you an amazing finish.


We recommend: Johnnie Walker Black Label (700ml)


U.P: $66

CNY sale price: $47


8. Mandarins and Merlot

Photo by: themeaningofpie


Finally, you can put your never-ending supply of mandarins to good use by plopping them into a jug of merlot, sugar and a shot of brandy/rum to make a perfect CNY sangria!


We Recommend: Beaulieu Vineyard Merlot (750ml)


U.P: $34

CNY sale price: $23


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Written By: Carey Lim

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