The Only Alcohol Gift Guide to Cellarbrate 2019 with Panache

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to be jolly than to partake in the act of giving? 

As per usual, any other list of editorially chosen products is going to try pushing you items that “facilitate” the consumption of your favourite drink: funky glasses, quirky tools, etc. 

Nice to have? Sure. Are they necessary? Absolutely not.

Our homes are getting increasingly crowded with things we don’t need. Lifestyle trends are increasingly leaning towards the popularisation of minimalism. 2019 saw the introduction of Marie Kondo to the Western world through the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” - bringing about a practice of only keeping things that “spark joy”. 

Seasoned consumers of booze would already have all the necessary tools they need. So, any available funds should go directly to: you guessed it, more alcohol.

Do you really need a $300 wine preservation system? (via Amazon)

When you’re getting a gift for someone, what’s most important isn’t so much of how expensive it is; but rather how exclusive it is. Imagine strolling through a supermarket, and the first thing you see in Aisle 2: a present your best friend got you. That probably wouldn’t “spark joy”. 

Let’s take a look at some ideal gifts that are appreciated by both the recipient of your present, and your wallet. 

Hoegaarden Beer Pint 24x330ML

Remember jumping for joy when you first saw a giant wrapped package on Christmas day? That doesn’t happen too often as we grow older (sobbles), but we’re sure that receiving  a 24-pack at a Christmas dinner would have that same effect.

 Singleton Dufftown 12YR Single Malt 

A bottle of wine is almost expected now when a visitor pops by. So why not shake things up with something… stronger? With fruity tones of vanilla, raisins, and honey, a liquor like Singleton 12-year Single Malt is the perfect dessert to the evening.

Tanqueray Rangpur

Gin - commonly known as the "liquor of sadness". Break that stereotype by pouring one out with your loved ones during the merriest festive period. 

Wolf Blass Gold Label Cab Sau Year of Dog 


Send off the Year of the Pig with a bottle of wine from… the Year of the Dog. Touted as one of the finest South Australian wines, the President's Selection Gold Label Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect accompaniment to a Christmas roast dinner.

If you're feeling frisky, Cellarbration has a 6-bottle gift basket offer to last you throughout the entire festive season… or just the night.

Corona Beer Pint 24x355ML

One would struggle to name a more iconic duo than an ice-cold Corona with a lemon or lime slice. So, when you’re bringing a carton of this golden goodness, be sure to pack along a nice bag of lemons. 

Vina Pomal Reserva

If the recipient of your gift is too big a fan of the red to ignore, spruce them up with this brilliant, intense Spanish rioja. A perfect companion to rice dishes, this Vina Pomal Reserva can be consumed on any ordinary day to suit your favourite plate of chicken rice.

Zonin Prosecco Cuvee 1821



When served as an apéritif, few can whet one’s appetite as well as a light, aromatic Prosecco. This Zonin Cuvee 1821 variant features fruity flavours of light almond accompanied with notes of wisteria flowers; perfect before a hearty festive meal. 

Glenfarclas 15YRS Single Malt

Weighing in at 46% ABV, this brilliantly sherried single malt from Glenfarclas boasts a yummy Christmas cake profile that perfectly fits the festive season. Featuring complex flavours while being easily drinkable, the Glenfarclas 15YRS single malt is an ideal entry point for both seasoned and greenhorn drinkers. 

VOSS Water 12x800ML

You know how there are some products that you desperately want but just can’t justify getting for yourself? VOSS Water would probably be one of them. Packaged in elegant, reusable glass bottles, VOSS artesian water tastes exceptionally fresh and clean due to minimal levels of naturally occurring Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Bless your loved one with a luxurious case of sheer opulence. 

Kilchoman Machir Bay Islay Single Malt

Islay Single Malt is quite possibly one of the best things anyone could hope to receive as a gift. So, imagine when your recipient tears open the wrapping paper to find not a bottle not only holding fine Islay single malt, but The Whiskey Exchange's Whiskey of the Year 2017 with two whiskey glasses. This Kilchoman Machir Bay gift set is the perfect way to coerce your friends into joining you in the appreciation of fine whiskies. 

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