Mother's Day Ideas Just For You


It’s a few days before Mother’s Day, and you’re frantically ordering a bouquet of flowers, making reservations at your mum’s favourite restaurant and wrecking your head with what present to get for her. If this is you right now, fret not, we have curated 5 Unique Mother’s Day ideas you can use this Mother’s Day:


1. Gift Your Mum A Beautiful Anna Gift Set

mothers day ideas





Anna de Codorniu Blanc de Blancs’ Gift Set

U.P: $68

Mother's May Promo: $52


Here’s an idea for those who are still thinking of the perfect gift for their mums. This lovely gift set comes in an elegant white case with x2 Anna de Codorniu Blanc de Blancs (750ml) and x2 Anna de Codorniu Glasses. A perfect gourmet cava to pair with your starters, mains and desserts, it displays fruity notes and a range of aromas that will complete your Mother’s Day dinner!


2. Have a Nice Picnic Out With A Bottle Of Refreshing Sparkling


mothers day ideas

mothers day ideas



Zonin Prosecco Cuvee

U.P: $27

Mother's May Promo: $20 


Be adventurous and bring your mum & family out for a picnic to soak up the sun & embrace the beauty of nature around us. Pack a basket of your mum’s favourite picnic food, a pretty picnic mat, speakers to play the classic jams, and a bottle of this Italian sparkling which will sparkle your mum’s eyes with hints of fruits, flowers and sweet almond. (recommended to chill the bottle before drinking!) A guaranteed warm and refreshing Mother’s day Idea to consider!


3. Prepare A Scrumptious Dessert Just For Her

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Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur

U.P: $42

Mother's May Promo: $34


If your mum has a sweet tooth and an extra stomach for dessert (which is almost 99% accurate), we have the perfect dessert for you! Amarula is a fruity and creamy liquor that it is extremely delicious and is definitely one for the dessert fans. Think baileys, but yummier!

You can simply prepare a glass and let your mum enjoy it on the rocks (trust me, its AH-MAY-ZING) or if you want to be a little more fancy, go for an Amarula Milkshake (serves 2):

Add 3 scoops of vanilla/coffee ice cream, 1 cup milk, 2 shots of Amarula and blend all that goodness together. Drizzle chocolate syrup inside two glasses, pour this irresistible milkshake in & you’re ready to serve your mum one of the best milkshakes she will ever have!


4. Enjoy a Glass of Red/White Wine At Home With Your Mum


mothers day ideas

 mothers day ideasmothers day ideas

Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec

U.P: $29

Mother's May Promo: $26.10


Trapiche Oak Cask Chardonnay

U.P: $29

Mother's May Promo: $26.10


Another Mother’s Day Idea is to simply relax and wind down at home with your mother. With her busy schedule and restless nights hustling for the family, a good glass of red/white wine, good food, and spending quality time with the family at home might just be the best way to spend Mother’s Day. This Argentinian red and white wine is easy on the palate and is perfect for a relaxing day at home.


5. Pamper Your Mum With Chocolates AND Whisky

mothers day ideasmothers day ideas

Singleton Dufftown 12 Years

U.P: $ 91

Mother's May Promo: 2 for $125


Lastly, surprise your mum with a harmonious orchestra of flavors on her palate by gifting her a box of chocolates and some good whisky. Singleton Dufftown 12 Years is said to pair perfectly with orange truffles, but your mum should be the judge of that! Have some fun with your family and find out which chocolate taste best with this whisky & let us know on the comment section below!

These unique Mother’s Day Ideas are definitely out of the norm but super fun, different and worth trying. We hope we helped you with your Mother's Day planning this year, and may you have joyous and memorable days with your mother!

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